Visual Arts Task... As I am working on my Visual Arts program for a few weeks, have borrowed many related book, think about many ideas and design some 室內設計things out, I was really stressed with if I am heading on the right direction or going to far already, I really throw myself into this project totally.... 住商房屋My God!! Sometimes I don't even eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, exhausted after I get home every night, I have nearly finish it all, just need to get 建築設計the last part done now. Good thing is my teacher looked my draft today, and she had a very positive feedback toward my ideas and works....Great! Even I am 591still worried and squeezing my head off...haha...guess that I am glad its going to finish soon, the reason that I am so stress with it is because I can G2000not attend the class next week as I will be on my way to HK, so I will have to get it done and hand it out as soon as I can, now I still have 7 days, but 小型辦公室I think I will finish it today or tomorrow, keep kicking myself to be faster, as I know next month won't be much fun for me, I will have another 4 網路行銷very formal deadly acdemic assignments waiting for me, and they are even more tough than this Arts program, so I still got a lot of works to do!!! @_@ 東森房屋Can't even think about it...its killing me! I will have to bring some books along, read and get some of them done as much as I can on the airplane. 吳哥窟LOL.... poor me, why am I making myself suffer again??

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